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Big Hand Little Hand Coffee is committed to not only providing quality products via ethically sourced beans and packaging but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We are a very small family run business who are trying to do it the right way with a passion and desire for good coffee.

With Many trips around the world and trying many different origins, blends and beans from far flung places. I started to find a real passion for good quality coffee - egg yoke coffee in Viet nam, cold brew coffee in Brunei or Kopi Luwak in Indonesia I've tried the lot and found a true desire for finding a quality drink.


Since my gorgeous little boys Isaac and Reuben arrived in the world and found enjoyment in helping daddy. They've always been there to push a button, open a bag of beans or help me bang a portafilter. Any sound from my coffee area, I hear a little excited toddle across the room and a tug at my leg for a lift up and watch.


Father and Sons x  



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Roasting coffee beans with smoke on dark
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